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  • What age group is my child in?
    For football, the age group is determined by the child's year of birth. For 2023 the age groups are as follows: U4s - born 2019 U5s - born 2018 U6s - born 2017 U7s - born 2016 U8s - born 2015 U9s - born 2014 U10s - born 2013 U11s - born 2012 U12s - born 2011 U13s - born 2010 U14s - born 2009 U15s - born 2008 U16s - born 2007
  • Does my child have to have played club football?
    No. The academy does group according to ability where possible but will always try to make the game fun and engaging for new players too. There is an expectation that the players enjoy the game and want to participate.
  • Who coaches my child?
    The Academy sessions are designed and led by Gene and/or Alan. In the event of a COVID close contact case for example, either of these coaches may be replaced to allow an academy to take place.
  • Can I arrange some 1 on 1 coaching for my child (or mentoring)?
    This is possible, with a price on application depending on need. Gene is available for mentoring junior players: either with feedback from watching training and or games or running 1 on 1 or 2/3 on 1 sessions. Mentoring might include training sessions, watching club games or simply a phone based chat WITH the parent and child to communicate on a weekly basis at a set time to discuss all things football. Please contact us via the website.
  • Where are the sessions?
    Sessions are at Karinya Reserve as part of the new $3m build for Sturt Lions FC or at Hewitt Reserve, Blackwood or at Clapham Primary School, Clapham. Location will be dependent on availability and suitability of weather.
  • Is this a fulltime academy?
    Currently, no and this will be re-addressed post-COVID. In future, more sessions will be added to meet need without dropping the quality of what is offered throughout different regions.
  • Will the academy enter into the Premier Academy League in Summer 22?
    This is being explored. More information will follow at a later date.
  • Does my child have to be a Sturt Lions FC player?
    No. The academy sessions are open to all players. Come and join us!
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